Game Scorers

Every week our Team Managers will roster one parent/carer to the score bench. If you’re new to this, your Team Manager will gladly help you the first time around. You are considered an official for that game, so must remain neutral.

There’s two roles on the score bench, the electronic scoresheet and the scoreboard/clock. You can decide between yourself and the opposition scorer who wants to do which.

The electronic scoresheet is done using the PlayHQ system, on a computer provided at each score bench. For an overview on how to use this system, see the PlayHQ website. For our domestic basketball games, you generally only need to log the team attendance and manage record scoring, fouls and timeouts.

Here’s a quick guide to the basics of scoring, if you have any questions or concerns during a game either ask your Team Manager, the scorer from the opposition or a Referee.

Players scoring points

  • A referee will signal to the bench after every score as to how many points the player is to be awarded. 1, 2 or 3. 
  • A player scoring from inside the three-point arc will score 2 points
  • A player scoring from outside the three-point arc (the closer line for U12 and below) will score 3 points.
  • A player scoring from a free-throw will score 1 point per shot. 
  • Electronic scoresheet: Record the score against the individual player
  • Scoreboard: Record the score against the team


  • All player substitutions are to be requested through the score bench
  • Press the “siren” button after the referees next whistle and signal to the referee with crossed arms above your head
  • Substitutions cannot be made directly after a goal unless play stops for a foul/violation.
  • No player substitutions are allowed in the last ONE minute of the first half

Time Outs

  • One time out per team, per half
  • Time outs are to be requested through the score bench
  • Push the “siren” button after the next whistle and single to the referral which team is requesting the time out
  • Mark the time out on the score board and electronic scoresheet
  • No time outs are allowed in the last one minute of the first half

Clock Stoppage

  • The scoreboard controller will have a toggle to start/stop the clock
  • The clock stops for all whistles in the last 3 minutes of the second half
  • The clock restarts only once the ball has been passed in and in a players possession
  • Referees will generally also signal when to start the clock again
  • There’s no need to start/stop the clock on the electronic scoresheet


  • When calling a foul, the referee will signal the player’s number to the bench
  • An individual player foul is recorded on the scoring computer, and a team foul is added to the scoreboard
  • If a team reaches nine total fouls, signal to the referees
  • If a player reaches their 4th personal foul please let their coach know
  • Once a player has their 5th personal foul, they will need to exit the court immediately and be replaced by a substitute player. You should press the “siren” button and indicate this is the players 5th foul to the referees.

If you ever have any concerns or disputes about the scoring of your game, signal to a referee and ask for assistance.