Codes of Conduct

Coaches and Team Managers must follow the Codes of Conduct to maintain a safe and inclusive competition.  Lakers adopt the codes written by Basketball Victoria.

Photography and Filming

MLBC Lakers have adopted the Basketball Victoria policy in relation to taking photos and videos at basketball

Working with Children Check

All clubs are required by Basketball Victoria to ensure that all coaches and team managers have a current WWC check.  New coaches must apply for a WWC Check or to provide their WWC details in their PlayHQ registrations.

If you do not have a WWCC, apply online here.

There is no charge for volunteers and the process is simple.  For the ‘Organisation Details‘ enter:

Name: Mount Lilydale Basketball Club
Postal Address: MLBC LAKERS,  PO BOX 176, LILYDALE, VIC 3140
Phone: 1300 525 377

Under ‘Occupational field‘ choose: 42 Clubs, (etc)… sporting nature

Take the completed form to Australia Post and have your photo taken.  You will receive the card in the mail.