Uniforms & Equipment

Player Uniforms

Players are required to wear the official MLBC reversible playing singlet and playing shorts during games. Once registered, these are available to purchase from the Lakers Online Shop.

  • Numbers are allocated by the Uniform Officer to every player once a uniform is ordered, generally a player can keep this number for their entire Lakers career.
  • Please do not assume you can re-use an older siblings number.  
  • Number requests are not possible as we need to ensure clashes don’t happen across age groups. 
  • Any player using a number not allocated by the coordinator will be required to obtain another uniform.

Other garments, such as padded arm or leg compression sleeves or undergarments that extend below the shorts should be black, white or “Lakers blue”. 

Any socks may be worn (although, we love seeing players in our Lakers socks available in the shop).

Any appropriate footwear (non-marking sneakers) may be worn. 


As players grow in size, so do the balls they play with. This helps with developing ball handling and shooting skills at a younger age.

Make sure you bring the correct size basketball to training.

No players are permitted to bring basketballs into a stadium on game day.
Each coach will be provided with a team ball, which they will bring to games. 

Ball Sizes

  • Size 5: Girls & Boys, U7 to U11 inclusive
  • Size 6: Girls, U12+ & Boys, U12 – U14
  • Size 7: Boys, U15+

The LockerRoom at Kilsyth Basketball stock a large selection of balls across all sizes.

Lakers kids on the court
Lakers team
Two Lakers boys players running down the court